About Custom Backing Tracks
In this short article I hope to clear up a few misunderstandings about custom backing tracks. I
receive many requests for price quotes to custom create backing tracks from people who are
generally alarmed when they get those quotes. Many people have told me that they thought
the price of a custom backing track would be the same as the price of a track they purchased
here on the site, $10.00. This just simply is not the case and here's why....

A "
custom" backing track is a track that has not been created yet by me, therefore it's not for
sale here yet. When you order a custom track I have to listen to a recording of the original
song, list out what instruments I'm hearing, and determine the level of difficulty in recording
each and every one. I actually play and record every single instrument I can either on my
keyboard or with live guitars and backing vocals. So when you hear the drums on your
backing tracks those were actually recorded note for note, drum for drum by me using a thing
called Midi Technology. As you can imagine, this takes a considerable amount of time,
energy, and focus to achieve.

I have a pricing scale I've developed over the many years of creating tracks that helps me
quickly and effectively render you a price quote that gives me enough time to do what I think
is an excellent version of the song you want. It's based on a "
per instrument" basis. So for
example let's say your song has the following instruments and a certain length to the song:

Song title: "Wacky McCracky"                Length: 4:55
1. Drums
2. Bass
3. Piano
4. Electric piano
5. Acoustic guitar
6. Strings

I have a set hourly studio fee that I've used for several years which has never gone up which I
apply to my estimation of how long I think it would take me to record every instrument listed. I
add up the total of estimates for each instrument and there's your price quote. After having
been commissioned to create literally hundreds of custom backing tracks this process has
worked the best for all concerned. It gets you a price estimate very quickly and at what I feel
is a very fair price that allows me ample time to give you my best version of it.

I've also been asked why it is that I then sell the custom backing tracks I create for people on
my site. The answer is simple. Since the number of custom backing track orders I get is
usually not sufficient to pay my operating costs and keep this site full of good tracks it is
necessary to sell the custom tracks here. This is a full time operation for me and takes a great
deal of time, energy, and effort on my part to keep it open and available to you, which is my
honor to do so.

There are actually other sites out there who will graciously charge you a huge fee to totally
own your custom backing track and not sell it on their site. I've chosen to look at it another
way. If you've purchased finished tracks from me chances are very good that the reason it
was available to you for only $10.00 is because someone else first ordered it as a custom
track so now you don't have to. In the long run everyone benefits from this process because
I'm able to create some very state of the art sounding backing tracks as a result of being paid
to do so.

Finally I wish to address the issue of how much the tracks sound like the originals. I've
recently finished a very extensive and complicated song by The Pat Metheny Group. If you've
ever listened to them you know they can be quite complex since their mastery of music is very
high. The group has some galaxy classed musicians who excel in their chosen field. Now, my
main instrument is actually the guitar however, when I listen to an instrument like the drums
for example, I'm able to pick out the dominant instruments and simulate a great deal of the
"feel" of them. Since I'm not a galaxy classed drummer the best I can hope for is to capture the
basic structure of the patterns played and enhance the drums to the best of my ability to
sequence them using Midi technology. What is created becomes a "
rendition" of the song.
Not exact "
duplicate". This is very important. All backing tracks are simply "renditions" of
the originals. If you want your backing tracks to be a "duplicate" of the original the only way to
achieve this would be to actually purchase the studio recordings from the original artists,
minus any solo instruments or vocals. And most of them are not willing to sell them. That's
why I'm here...

I hope this has helped clear up any questions you may have had regarding why custom tracks
cost as much as they do. I pretty much know how much most of the other custom track
creators on the Web are charging and I feel my prices are very reasonable compared to them.
I even encourage you to shop your song around to various other creators before committing
to having me work for you. I feel confident you'll agree that I offer a great value.

Thanks for your continued support!
Martin Funderburk.

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