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Prices based on length of and complexity of song.
The process for ordering creating custom backing tracks

Submit your request in the form below. Be sure to include song title, artist/band name, and if you want
full instrumentation or for me to leave off an instrument such as guitar, sax, or even backing vocals. Let
me know how much of the song you need. Be as specific as possible.

Once you approve the price quote I will email you instructions on how to process your payment.
Payment is made in advance of production to lock in a production date for you.

Once payment is received I will put you into the production schedule and notify you of that date.
(I can tell you your date before you pay if you need)

You will receive an email telling you that production has begun on or before your date.     

I will email your new custom track the moment it is finished.

That's It! Turnaround time for the whole process is approximately
1-3 weeks from the moment you
make your payment.
Please fill out the form below completely.
Do you also want sheet music
to go along with your track?
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