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Various Smooth Jazz MP3 Backing Tracks
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Al Jarreau - "We're In This Love Together" - Bundle for Sax

Marc Antoine - "Latin Quarter" - Bundle for Sax

Euge Groove - "Love Won't Let Me Wait" - Bundle for Sax

Warren Hill - "At Last" - With no harmonica

Fragile - Sting - Guitarists Version

Fragile - Sting - Vocalists Version

Fragile - Sting - Soprano Sax Version

Fragile - Sting - Tenor Sax Version

Sax Gordan - "Walk With Me Live Version"

Darryl Hall and Rob Thomas - "Kiss On My List" Live Version in multiple versions.

Al Jarreau - "We're In This Love Together"

Michael Jackson - "Billy Jean" (sax backing track)

Bruno Barone - "Nothing's Gonna' Change My Love For You"

Kenny G - "My Devotion" - Bundle

Eric Marienthal - "New York State Of Mind" - Backing Track

Dave Koz - "Let It Free" - Bundle

The Sax Pack - "Fallin For You" - Bundle

Michael Bolton Version - "Georgia On My Mind" - For Sax and Vocal

Dave Koz - "Awakening" - Backing Track

Chris Bottie - "Back Into My Heart" - Backing Track

Steve Cole - "When I Think Of You" - Backing Track

Warren Hill - "Oh Girl" - Bundle

Gerald Albright - "Never Can Say Goodbye" - Bundle

Warren Hill - "Maybe Tomorrow" - Bundle

Warren Hill - "Do You Feel What I'm Feeling?" - Bundle

Euge Groove - "12:08 AM" - Bundle

Art Porter - "We Are One" - Bundle

Euge Groove - "This Must Be Real" - Bundle

Dave Koz - "Know You By Heart" - Bundle

Euge Groove - "Just My Imagination" - Bundle

Euge Groove - "Chillaxin" - Bundles (5 versions)

Richard Elliot - "In The Groove" - Bundle

Eric Darius - "Because Of You" - Bundle

Walter Beasely - "Killing Me Softly" - Bundle

Dave Koz - "You Make Me Smile" - Bundle

Dave Koz - "Honey Dipped" - Bundle

Dave Koz - "Emily" - Bundle

Warren Hill - "Take Me As I Am" - Bundle

Warren Hill - "September Morning" - Bundle

Warren Hill - "Naked" - Bundle

Warren Hill - "My Love" - Bundle

Dave Koz - "Silver Lining" - Bundle

Dave Koz - "I Believe" - Bundle

Kenny Garrett - "Simply Said" Bundle

Jeff Kashiwa - "Voices" - Bundle

Jackiem Joyner - "I'm Waiting For You" - Bundle

Dave Koz - "Faces Of The Heart" - Bundle

Kaori Kobayashi - "Nothing's Gonna' Change My Love" - Bundle

Mindi Abair - "As Good As It Gets" - Bundle

Mindi Abair - "Come As You Are" - Bundle

Dave Koz - "Wake Up Call" - Bundle

Boney James - "Stop, Look, Listen" - Bundle

Michael Lington - "Pacifica" - Bundle

Dave Koz - "Show Me The Way" - Bundle

Warren Hill - "La Dolce Vita" - Bundle

Kirk Whalum - "That's The Way Love Goes" - Bundle

Euge Groove - "Religify" - Bundle

Euge Groove - "Slow Jam" - Bundle

Dave Koz - "All I See Is You" - Bundle

Rocco Ventrella - "Alleria" - Bundle

Gerald Albright - "So Amazing" - Bundle

Richard Elliot - "Who" - Bundle

Richard Elliot - "Street Beat" - Bundle

David Sanborn "Spooky" - "Bundle"

Candy Dulfer - "For The Love Of You" Bundle

Kenny G - "Sentimental" - Bundle

Richard Elliot - "Move On Up" - Bundle

Candy Dulfer - "Pick Up The Pieces"

David Sanborn/James Last - "Seduction"

Warren Hill - "Miss You Forever" - Bundle

Richard Elliot - "Sweet Dreams"

Eric Marienthal - "Compared To What"

Kenny G - "Fiesta Loca" - Bundle

Kenny G - "Sax o Loco" - Bundle

Kenny G - "Tango" - Bundle

Kenny G - "Auld Lang Syne" - Bundle

Kenny G - "Uncle Al"

Kenny G - "Silver Bells"

Richard Elliot - "Embrace"

Dave Koz/Peter White Duo - "It Might Be You"

Warren Hill - "Happy Christmas"

Warren Hill - "Jingle Bells"

Warren Hill - "Santa Baby"

Warren Hill - "The Christmas Song"

Boney James - "The First Noel"

Kenny G - "Joy To The World"

Joyce Cooling - "Expression"

Jessy J - "Hot Sauce'

Paul Hardcastle - "Easy Come, Easy Go"

Marc Antoine - "Latin Quarter"

Ronny Jordan - "After Hours"

Euge Groove - "S7ven Large"

Jackiem Joyner - "Push"

Jeff Golub - On The Beach

Peter White - Bright

David Pack (From Ambrosia fame)
"Biggest Part Of Me" 4 versions

Paul Taylor -"Push To Start"

Art Porter - "Inside Myself"

Art Porter - "Forever Yours"

Art Porter - "We Are One"

Steve Cole - "Undun"

Earth Wind and Fire - September

Fantasy - Earth Wind and Fire

Michael Lington - "Harlem Nocturne"

Michael Lington - "Pacifica"

Grover Washington Jr. "Mister Magic"

Grover Washington Jr. "Soulful Strut" (From Top Down Album Ab Sax)
Grover Washington Jr. "Soulful Strut" Soulful Strut Album

More on the Grover Washington Jr. Page

Sam Levine "Careless Whisper"

Sam Levine - "Giving You The Best That I Got"

Sam Levine - "Awesome God"

Same Levine - "Days Of Elijah"

Sam Levine - "I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever"

Same Levine - "The Water Is Wide"

More on the Sam Levine Page

David Sanborn - "Tin Tin Deo"

David Sanborn - "Chicago Song"

Kenny G - "Forever In Love" Live YouTube version

Norman Brown - "After The Storm"

Euge Groove - "This Must Be Real"

Kenny G - "G Bop"

Walter Beasley - "Ellie's Theme"

Walter Beasley - "Tonight We Love"

Boz Skaggs - "Lowdown unplugged" - No guitars

Van Morrison - "Lonely Avenue"

Keb Mo - "Dangerous Mood" (R&B Guitar/Vocal)

Richard Elliot - "Here And Now"

Richard Elliot - "In The Groove" With Lead Guitar Solos

Richard Elliot - "In The Groove" No Lead Guitar Solo

Richard Elliot - People Make The World Go Round

Richard Elliot - "Mikayla's Song"

More on the Richard Elliot Page

Jimmy Sommers - "Fly Me To The Moon"

Jimmy Sommers - "Fly Me To The Moon" - No guitars

Freddy V - "Lisi"

Boz Skaggs - "Lowdown - Live Version)

Boz Skaggs - "Lowdown unplugged" - No guitars

Trans Siberian Orchestra - "Faith Noel"

Trans Siberian Orchestra - "Oh Come All Ye Faithful/Oh Holy Night"

Branford Marsalis - "Emmanuel"

Branford Marsalis - "Emmanuel" with drums and bass

Earl Klugh - "Wishful Thinking"

Earl Klugh - "Midnight In San Juan"

Boney James - "Spin"

Boney James - "Contact"

Boney James - "Sara Smile"

Boney James - "Stop,Look,Listen"

Boney James - "Kyoto"

Boney James - "Soft"
Boney James "The Total Experience"

More on the Boney James Page

Paul Taylor - "Deeper"

Paul Taylor - "Pleasure Seekers"

Rick Braun - "Love's Theme"

Kirk Whalum - "Same Ole Love"

Santana - "Flor de Luna"

Candy Dulfer "Anything You Need"

Candy Dulfer - "For The Love Of You

Candy Dulfer - "Don't Go" - With acoustic rhythm guitar

Candy Dulfer - "Lily Was Here" No  Guitar

Candy Dulfer - "Lily Was Here" With Guitar

More on the Candy Dulfer Page

Michael Lington - "Pacifica"

Sadeo Watanabe - "Yes I'm In Love" (reggae)

Darren Rahn - "Talk Of The Town"

Euge Groove - "This Must Be For Real"

Euge Groove - "Chillaxin" - With lead guitar

Euge Groove - "Chillaxin" - No lead guitar

Euge Groove - "Chillaxin" - No guitars at all

Euge Groove - "Just My Imagination" - With Lead Guitar Solo

Euge Groove - "Just My Imagination" - No Lead Guitar Solo

More on the Euge Groove Page

Steve Cole "Close Your Eyes, Free Your Mind"

Kenny Garrett - "Simply Said"

Cannonball Adderly - "Barefoot Sunday Blues"

T-Square - "Just Like A Woman" With Lead Guitar

T-Square - "Just Like A Woman" No Lead Guitar

Earl Bostic - "Flamingo"

Gato Barbieri "Europa"

Sax Gordon - "Tino's Dream" (Live version)

Kenny G - "Silver Bells"

Kenny G - "Auld Lang Syne"

Kenny G - "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?"

Kenny G - "Joy To The World" -

Kenny G - "Rhythm and Romance"

Kenny G - "Sentimental"

More on the Kenny G Page

Eric Darius - "Because Of You"

Dave Koz - "Anything's Possible"

Dave Koz - Barry Manilow - "Moon River"

Dave Koz - "I'll Be There"

Dave Koz - Be Be Winans - "I Can"

Dave Koz "The Bright Side"

Dave Koz - Chris Botti "Love Is On The Way"

Dave Koz - "I Believe" No backing horns

Dave Koz - "I Believe"

Dave Koz - "You Make Me Smile" - with no guitars

More on the Dave Koz Page

Kim Waters "The Groove In You"

Kim Waters - "Step In The Name Of Love"

More on the Kim Waters Page

Rocco Ventrella - "Alleria"

Clarence Clemons - "Jungleland Sax Solo" Springsteen's SaxMan

King Curtis - "Night Train"

King Curtis - Tanya - With Sax harmonies

King Curtis - Tanya - No Sax harmonies

King Curtins - "Honky Tonk" LP Version

King Curtis - Honky Tonk - With lead gt. solo

King Curtis - Honky Tonk - No lead gt. solo

King Curtis - "A Change Is Gonna Come"

More on the King Curtis Page

Jeff Kashiwa - Voices - With Sax doubling

Jeff Kashiwa - Voices - No Sax doubling  

Gerald Albright - "Capetown Strut"

Gerald Albright - Kirk Whalum - "So Amazing" - No vocals

More on the Gerald Albright Page

Mindi Abair - "As Good As It Gets

Mindi Abair - Come As You Are

Jackiem Joyner - "I'm Waiting For You" No horns

Jeff Golub - "Grand Central"

Larry Carlton - "Wes Bound"

Larry Carlton "The Gift" No Sax Solo

Larry Carlton "The Gift" With Sax Solo Included

More on the Larry Carlton Page

Jackiem Joyner - "I'm Waiting For You"

Joolz Gianni - "Ave Maria"

More on the Joolz Gianni Page

Kirk Whalum - "For You"

David Sanborn - "Spooky"

David Sanborn - "Carly's Song"

David Sanborn - "Slam" in original key of A

More on the Sanborn Page

Warren Hill - "30 Days"

More on the Warren Hill Page

George Howard - " Everything I Miss At Home" - No sax - Vocals included

George Howard - "Everything I Miss At Home" No vocals

George Howard - "Love Will Follow - No Sax - Lead guitar solo included

George Howard - "Just The Way I Feel" - No Sax

George Howard - "You And Me"

George Howard - Until Tomorrow

More on the George Howard Page

Euge Groove - "This Must Be For Real"

Religify - "Euge Groove" No sax - Live guitars included

Euge Groove  -"Born To Groove" - No sax - Live guitars included

Euge Groove - "Mr. Groove" - No sax - Live guitar included

Euge Groove - "Cabolicious" - No sax - Lead guitar included

Euge Groove - "Cabolicious" - No sax - No solos

More on the Euge Groove Page

Madonna - "Santa Baby" - No vocals

Jerry Rafferty - "Bakers Street" - No Sax - No Guitars

Jerry Rafferty - "Bakers Street" - No Sax - Crunch Rhythm and Lead Guitars

Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers Full Instrumentation

Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers No Guitar

Kenny Rankin - Lost Up In Loving You

Nelson Rangell - For The Rest Of My Life

Kirk Whalem and Gerald Albright -So  Amazing

The Rippingtons - Hideaway

Al Jarreau - Mornin'

Al Jarreau - Mornin' With no solos

Al Jarreau - Roof Garden

Al Jarreau - We're In This Love Together

Michael Franks - Antonio

Sting - Englishman In New York No Solos

Sting - Shape of My Heart

Sting - Brand New Day

Sting - We'll Be Together

Earth, Wind, and Fire - Fantasy

Earth, Wind, and Fire - Sing A Song

Steely Dan - FM

Steely Dan - Hey Nineteen

Steely Dan - Josie

Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground

Stevie Wonder - Superstition

Stevie Wonder - Don't You Worry Bout' A Thing

Spyro Gyra - Morning Dance

Spyro Gyra - Morning Dance No solos No vibes

Spyro Gyra - Shaker Song

Acoustic Alchemy - Mr. Chow

Acoustic Alchemy - Playing For Time

Donald Fagan - IGY

Donald Fagan - New Frontier

Donald Fagan - Ruby Ruby

Donald Fagan - Ruby Ruby no guitars

Christopher Cross - Sailing

George Benson - Turn Your Love Around

Al Green - Let's Stay Together

Sergio Mendez - Girl From Impanema

Sergio Mendez - Girl From Impanema with no solos
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