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Q. When I checkout how will I receive my downloads?
A. Right after you checkout a link to your downloads appears instantly. You download from
those links. Plus, you will get an email confirmation with your download links in it.

How do I download your MP3's into my iPhone or iPad.
A. There are articles on the Net to tell you how to do this. Your best option is to download to a
computer and then transfer to your mobile device.

My computer crashed and I lost the backing tracks I purchased from you. Can I get
them back?
A. Yes! Just email through the form below. Tell me the dates of your purchases and the email
address you used on either your PayPal account or credit card. I'll re-activate your links for you
to download again. (I suggest you back up your backing tracks on an external drive or disc once
you have them again.) There is a $50 charge on reactivating more than 10 backing tracks or

I downloaded my tracks but can't find them on my computer. Where did they go?
A. If you are a Windows user they will usually end up in "My Downloads". I suggest you set your
browser to always download to your desktop where it's easier to find your tracks. If you are
using iTunes you will need to do a Google search to learn how to get your MP3's onto your

I paid for my tracks but never received download links. How can I get my tracks?
A. You should also get an email with links to your tracks. Be sure and check your spam folder if
you do not see the email in your inbox. If you still do not see your email simply contact me
through the contact form on my site.
Click here. I'll personally make sure you get everything you

What's the difference between a Midi backing track and an MP3 backing track?
A. A midi file is made up of information known as General Midi.  It is not audio information. I first
create tracks as midi files then convert them to audio files with better sounds than General midi
files. Then I add live instruments and vocals, edit, mix and master to Redbook standard, high
resolution MP3 backing tracks.

Why do custom backing tracks cost more than the price of an individual track that I
might buy on your site?
A. A custom backing track is made from scratch when you order it. It is a track that has never
been created before and therefore takes many hours to transcribe, record, mix and master.
Custom tracks are very helpful when you just can't find a certain backing track for a particular
song you'd really like to play along with.

Are custom tracks the same as Karaoke tracks?
A. Almost. The only exception is there are no scrolling lyrics to read as a backing track plays.
Karaoke tracks also have a tendency to fade out, which is kind of cheesy when you are
performing live. My tracks all have real endings. They never have fade outs.

How long does it take to get a custom track finished?
A. It all depends on how full my production schedule is when you submit your request. You could
have your new custom track as soon as 24hrs. or up to a couple of weeks or more. I generally
try to keep at least one day a week open for rush orders so feel free to at least ask if you can
get it soon, ok?

Why do your tracks sound so much better than the others?
A. I create them as if I were going to use them myself, therefore I have the best audio software
and hardware available to allow me to create state of the art audio. Plus, I absolutely love
creating tracks that people can use in professional settings. I take great pride in my work and
strive to always offer the best.
Real smooth jazz hits! Real endings! Accurate! Hi resolution MP3's! Sheet music! More...