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Getting your backing tracks burned and shipped on Cd just got easier.

1. Add the tracks you want on Cd to shopping cart.

2. Check out as usual. I will see what songs you ordered to be burned on
a Cd when I get the payment notification from PayPal.

3. Type in your information in the form below.  Please specify if you'd like
them as Wave files or MP3's. Note :
(A wave file is the type of file that you get when you buy a
store bought Cd).

If you purchased sheet music you will need to download the PDF's. I do
not print and ship sheet music and they will not be included on your Cd.

4. There is a $3 burn and ship charge for every Cd you order. If you have
a large order such as a backing track collection I will need to total up the
amount of Cd's required to fill your order and email that price to you.
Then you'll need to use PayPal 'Send Money' to send the funds. Once I
receive burning and shipping payment I will burn and ship your Cd's.

5.  I will burn and ship your Cd within 24 hours or less.

If you choose to have your tracks burned as MP3's they will be sent to
you at the highest resolution possible and sound just as good as Wave

If you live outside the U.S. you must pay the shipping cost. Once I have
your address I'll get the exact amount required from the post office and
send you a PayPal invoice for you to pay.
(PayPal or credit cards accepted). Once payment is made I'll ship your Cd.
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