The Process For Recording Your Cd With My Backing Tracks Is Simple  
This is the step by step process to record your Sax, Guitar,
Trumpet or Vocal with my backing tracks.

1. Pay your user fee one time payment of $100 per song for the
amount of songs you want using the add to cart button below.
If paying for more than one song simply change the quantity in
shopping cart then check out.
Then email me the song title/s you paid for

Payment confirmation is your permission to use the backing
track/s you picked to record with and sell your Cd project. I will
also email you with permissions.

All other uses for my backing tracks must be negotiated.
Contact me about that.

2. If you want me to mix and master your song, record your
instrument with the track I email you and email me a high  
resolution MP3 stereo track of
just your instrument (or vocal) with
no effects on it.

3. I import your track into the master file that I used to create the
backing track, edit it, mix it with appropriate effects, and master the
track to Redbook standard. This is the track you can sell.

4. I will either email you a high resolution MP3 master or burn you
a Wave Cd (best audio for Cd's) and mail to your physical
address. Your choice.

My studio fee to edit, mix, and master your songs to Redbook
Standard is only $175 an hour.

One hour is typically how long it takes per song.
Use this add to cart button to make your user fee payments.
Put in the amount of $100 per song/s you intend to use.

Then email me your song choices
here. I will email your
permissions to use the track/s.
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