How to legally use my backing tracks to record a Cd you can sell.   
It's really a pretty simple process if you want to legally use my
backing tracks to record a Cd project that you can sell at your gigs,
online, or anywhere else. Using my tracks is a much quicker,
much more affordable way than spending thousands in the studio,
hiring session players, and going through that process. I've
already done most of the work for you. Plus, when your album is
finished you can get it out there big time with
Cd Baby.

I highly suggest that you not only show up for your gigs but also
have a Cd to sell. It's a great way to build up your popularity and
following as well as generate substantial, residual extra income for

There are a basically two easy ways to record your project
using my backing tracks.

Record your lead instrument with my backing tracks, whether in
your own studio or a local studio, mixing and mastering your
project where you are.

2. Record your lead instrument with my backing tracks at a local
studio where you are, send me your lead track, and I'll edit, mix
and master it in with my studio master. This will be a final mix that
you can use on your Cd project! This will get you the best results
because I can place your instrument in just the right spot with the
master tracks I used to create the backing tracks..

To hear the sound quality of what your masters will sound like
click here. This is my new album "Artist Road" available on
CD Baby.

Permission to use my backing tracks to record with only applies to
Cd projects. All other uses must be negotiated.
Contact me to let me know how you would like to use my
backing tracks.

Read more about the process and pay your user fees here.

Are you ready to finally get that Cd project started? Ok, let's
do it.

If you want me to mix and master your lead instrument in with my
studio masters, my studio fee is only $175.00 an hour

Click here to get started.

It's almost like going to a local studio except it's all done through
the internet.
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