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Refunds and lost tracks policy
These are audio backing track "renditions" of the original songs. Not duplicates. I've done my best to be
accurate in their structure and have used the best equipment I can afford. Therefore, once you listen to
the sample audio clip/s, purchase, and download them there can be no exchanges or refunds on MP3's
unless they have a glitch in them.

If you purchase an MP3 that has any kind of a glitch just send it to me. If it can be remixed or repaired I
will send you another one. If it cannot be fixed I'll make a full refund to you.

If you have lost your MP3's and would like me to reactivate your previous orders so you can download
them again, no problem. Just contact me on the form below or any form on this site.

The best thing for you to do is back up your purchases to an external drive.

Thank you.
If you have purchased a backing track with a glitch or have lost your tracks and
sheets and would like assistance, please use the contact form below.

Give me as much information as possible about your issue in the comments section.

There are no refunds for purchases made where you are unable to download to a mobile device.
It is the user's responsibility to know how to download MP3's to
any device before purchasing.
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