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WOW!  Thanks very much! They are both great tracks!  I play a fair amount of solo gigs w/backing tracks.  
I've used the Aebersold stuff and lately some of the Hal Leonard series and a bunch of MIDI-HITS stuff.  
Your tracks are much more contemporary and sound just like the albums.  I'll have to woodshed a
little to get the sax sounding good enough to go w/the tracks, but I'm up for the challenge as I love playing
my sax.  Looking forward to getting the other tracks and having fun with them.

I will be using tracks for live performance in the very near future, I've just purchased a small portable PA and
the tracks sound great. I wish I'd known about your company before because I've been looking for this type of
material for such a long time and after being a musician for quite a few years,
I nearly gave it all up until I
found your site
and there's no one round this area who is doing this type of material. I'm so pleased and
can't wait to be up and running and gigging again. Thanks Smooth Jazz Backing Tracks.Com! I really
appreciate the tracks you are producing and will continue to purchase your backing tracks.


Thank you for what you did, which is a God-send, especially to musically uneducated people like me. There
are only a few fusion jazz play along CD'' and no one produces these contemporary backing tracks. Your
backings are fantastic !!I I was really excited when finding your website accidentally and I really look forward
to seeing the expansion of your site and product lists. If you have something like a newsletter, please sign me

D.Z. Zhong
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