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Established in 2006 to fill a growing need in the music industry, namely...Smooth Jazz! It has
grown more apparent with each passing year that the genre of smooth jazz is here to stay.

As more and more musicians point their instruments in that direction I'll be here to service their
backing tracks needs. As an aspiring smooth jazz artist myself, it is my intention to provide
excellent products with excellent customer service and approach this from the artist's point of view.

These backing track recordings are and shall always remain impeccably recorded with the
industry's latest, most effective technology. This assures that the backing tracks  you purchase
today will be of the highest quality available, tracks that you can proudly practice with, perform gigs
with, and even
record with if you like. They are also excellent teaching tools.

These backing tracks are first created as  
GM Midi Files.  They are assigned to high resolution
sampled instruments, mixed with live instruments, and vocals, mixed and recorded digitally to
Redbook Standard and saved as high resolution MP3 audio backing tracks. Plug them into your
P.A. system and hear the dynamic power and clarity you always knew was possible.

As a performing artist, songwriter, producer, and engineer it is my intention to always create and
sell backing tracks I would be proud to use myself. I bring over 30 years of experience to every
product I create and have been in the backing track business for over 11 years now.

Thank you for you interest and support of Smooth Jazz Backing Tracks.Com!

Keep It Smooth!
About Smooth Jazz Backing Tracks.Com
Martin Funderburk
Owner - Producer
Smooth Jazz Backing Tracks.Com
Smooth Jazz Backing Tracks.Com
Jazz backing tracks, jazz sheet music, custom backing tracks and more.
Real jazz hits. Real endings. Performance quality audio.
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