Smooth jazz backing tracks made from real smooth jazz hit songs.
Martin Funderburk
Owner - Producer
Smooth Jazz Backing
Real smooth jazz hits! Real endings! Accurate! Hi resolution MP3's! Sheet music! More...

Congratulations! You finally found the the site that offers you real Smooth Jazz Backing Tracks.

Still in business since 2006!

These are not 'groove tracks". These are not karaoke.

These are tracks produced and transcribed from the original artists recordings.
With real endings. Never a fade out...

High resolution MP3's for the professional musician. Excellent for performance, teaching, or just
learning new songs. Used the world over in clubs, resorts, cruise ships, special occasions such as
weddings and parties, and for other special events. Many of these tracks are actually being used
by the original artists to teach saxophone.

You've also reached the site with an amazing catalog of sheet music to go along with many of
the hit songs.

So what do you say? Ready to dive in?
Have fun. And remember... Keep It Smooth!