The New Album By Martin Funderburk
"Artist Road"
(Copyright 2013 MartMan Records and Productions)

This is what happens when Smooth Jazz meets High Desert Essence music. If you've ever wondered what Martin Funderburk
would ever write, produce, and release as an album here's your opportunity to find out.  

Inspired by the indescribable beauty, culture, and art of New Mexico, Martin has written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered
11 ground breaking songs through his label
MartMan Records and Productions.

Let this wonderful, guitar instrumental album take you on an enchanting and smooth journey just as if you were traveling New
Mexico. Listen and you'll hear some unexpected surprises in each song. Allow yourself to sit back and enjoy the ride while Martin
takes you from location to location, weaving a never before heard of tapestry of smooth jazz/high desert eccense songs about the
The Land Of Enchantment.
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Published by MartMan Records and Production
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Martin Funderburk
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